My Holiday

This is my last vacation. After the school is over , it is very encoraging you know why? Yes because i did not come to school to learn, I can be lazy at home or maybe go on vacation but it only plans. Ater the vacation starts everything is different from the plan.At first my friend and I would go to bali, but plans were changed, the father nabila (my friend) was sick and we are unlikely to have fun in bali.Maka when it plans to vacation in Bali failed, so maybe it's best to take a vacation with family

so in essence, the last holiday for me, I stay at home, sleeping late and sleep in the morning it was my new habit. it feels very different, you know how my day-to-day after school at SMAN 3, time to sleep I was little. so watch this holiday I use to watch Korean dramas, which I've been waiting waiting for the first drama I watch is "My Love From the Start" my favorite drama. After the play finished I helped Mom cooking, 

but actually,cook is my hobby when i was little. and after i entered at SMAN 3 all changed, i no have time to enjoyed my day ,huhuhu but now is the time to changed i can play with my friend and enjoyed my time with my family. actually i have plan to hangout or just to shopping with my friend but that canceled, hmm.. are you curious?
I remembered that I had a plan to see to the cinema with my friend, Putri. I tried to phone her by my phone but the battery was low so I had to recharge the battery. When I had called her, I was disappointed that she couldn’t go because she had to visit her grandmother. So I stayed at home all day long. To kill my boring time, I played the game on my laptop and surfed on the internet. I downloaded music and movie. Yes that the story that i hate hehehe.

Last day in holiday i didn't go anywhere. i stayed at home with my family. i had some plans with my friends but not all of them were succeeded. i went to the swimming pool with my friends. once we arrived there, it was raining heavily. we end up eating together. even if the main plan was cancelled, we still enjoy our walk. i didn't go to mall a lot because i was saving money. i really enjoyed my holiday