Life Lessons one can Learn from Nature

Nature keeps teaching us a variety of lessons through its various forms. Everyone can look upon to one form or the other and discover its various teachings. Every time a full moon graces the sky with its presence again, we understand the importance of all our loved ones who at some point or the other might have gone away just to come back like the moon comes. The decreasing moon often might feel depressing yet it teaches us to accept the fate and come back anew. A night sky without stars looks curtailed while without a moon is unfinished. But when both of them accompany each other, the view certainly says too many things.
Nature and its various wonders have been exploited and destructed to a large scale nowadays. The number of calamities be it, natural or man-made have elevated over a period of time. The natural assets are either being overused or not taken care of. If the same situation was faced by humans or any other living being, they would have been aggressive and rebelled against it. But nature in return is being generous and patient with all the harm that is being caused to it. Here also it doesn’t fail to teach us that one can be as selfish and get what he wants but the real skill is to be selfless and get happy in getting what one really needs. Nature like humans is not blessed with intellectual still humans fail to understand what is their requirement and what is it that they take in for granted. Nature teaches us to recognize this difference and act accordingly towards progress.
trong determination and grit is often the necessity of dreaming and fulfilling those dreams. Failure strikes hard always and we need a strong mindset to regain ourselves to overpower its effects. At such times we can look forward to learn from one small creature – the butterfly. Butterfly is the most fragile mortal existing. It has a long journey of struggles which starts from it coming out of cocoon till turning out into beautiful life filling the world with colours. At every stage it falls in the face of ground, yet every time it rises and tries to shine bright. It teaches us that “within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle, and transform into the Brightest, Strongest version of you EVER!”.