Who does not know Megantara?

Megantara is SMAN 3 Bandung Megantara events such as cultural festivals. many people from other schools in the city of Bandung came to watch the event, all the performances are presented a great success. oh ya at the show Megantara also be performances from the RAN and Changchuters 8 * sorry if any of the writing * besides uga no appearance of Tiloes' theater, KPA, Vocal 3 principally many outstanding performances.

Megantara the cultural festival held SMAN 3 so definitely all students participate in this event, now in Megantara I finished decorating committee. Megantara difference with another event that is due to lift Megantara cultures in Indonesia, if at Megantara the fresco paintings depicting the hallmark of every province in Indonesia

and for food not unquestionably yes, because in Megantara there are so many who are selling, from regional food until the food international prices is also ga expensive, so we can watch the show while enjoying the food, oh yes there again in Megantara also stand area containing cultures, there is a game area who've long ga we see. so that is definitely modern Megantara is an activity that can make us love with our homeland

Ridwan Kamil as a jury of fashion show


Opening Megantara

Painting symbols province